I really enjoyed this piece. Not only does it read beautifully, but it also stirred something deep within me.

The passage - “Rilke presented us with a promise: that we could carve lives for ourselves in a world often hostile to nebulosity; that our ambition did not need to map to others’; that our aspirations, even if undefined, were worthy of nurturing.” - is incredible!

Thank you

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Thank you for reading, Michael, and for such kind words. :)

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there's something about Alaska, I felt so alive when I was there in a campervan and backpacked in Denali

also read this friend of a friend's experience of living in Alaska and thought you might enjoy: https://www.chibus.com/lifestyle/2022/3/5/answering-the-call-of-the-wild-life-in-alaska

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This was so good, Ashley.

"I had always viewed myself as someone who felt too deeply, wanted too much, held too tightly to ideals. I saw how it pained my loved ones, who urged me to wish for less so I wouldn’t be disappointed when reality inevitably fell short." Resonates with me so deeply. I struggle with the same idealistic ambition.

Thank you for sharing your gifts :)

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May 8, 2023Liked by Ashley Zhang

beautiful read!

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a fan of rilke as well!

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